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Pro Plan Lanb Complete Dog Food 14kg

Pro Plan Lanb Complete Dog Food 14kg

Price from: £49.99


PRO PLAN Adult Digestion helps give dogs the protection they need
for their delicate digestive systems. Developed with PRO DIGEST -
a combination of egg natural clay and a blend of fibres - it
helps to improve digestion and creates excellent stool quality.

Made with high quality lamb and highly digestible rice as the main
ingredients it provides your dog with complete nutrition and
protection for a lifetime of natural protection.

Daily Feeding Recommendation

The recommended daily amounts should be adjusted according to
weather conditions (more will be consumed in cold weather if the
dog lives outside) the animal's level of activity and its
physical condition. Clean fresh water should be available at
all times. The product should be stored in a dry and clean
place at ambient temperature.

PRO-DIGEST: with egg natural clay and a blend of fibres to help
improve digestion a healthy balance of gut flora and excellent
stool quality

Enhanced vitamin E and C levels to help fight free radicals and
help support a strong immune system

High-quality fat protein and carbohydrate to help support the
digestive system

High quality protein omega 3 & 6 fatty acids vitamins and
minerals to help build a strong and healthy skin and coat helping
to shield him from environmental challenges


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